I would like to share with you our exciting news. We have a new member of the family coming to join us very soon.


Isn't she a cutie. She was named after a lovely resident at our customers nursing home in Monmouth.


Me and Peter decided to dress up in colourful wigs and tutu's for Stand Up To Cancer today! We made our way to Natwest Bank in Ross-On-Wye high street to raise money for Cancer Research Uk and the crowds loved us!


Today me and Peter spent the whole day helping to raise money and awareness for the charity SHYPP. SHYPP helps support homeless young people, so we wanted to help them by parading the streets of Ross.

Mo's Story so far 

 "I bought Mo when he was 9mths old from the Wonkey Donkey Inn, Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire. I took my friend the Vets wife to see which one to buy. She said "Not the one with the bendy feet."

We spent half an hour walking around looking at them all and guess who followed us the whole way around.....YES the one with the bendy feet! He was so sweet I had to have him. His name was Moses.

He came home with me and settled straight away. We played fetch together....well I threw a teddy and he'd go and get it, then he decided he'd had enough and walked straight into the house! While grooming him in the stable my one year old son would walk right underneath him.

We had to move so we found a place for him to live near us, a farm where he shared a field with two miniature horses and two lamas. My young daughter looked after him everyday, walked him everywhere, made him jumps etc etc. After four more years we all had to move yet again but was lucky to find a lovely field which to this day he shares with two mellowing horses Ridley and Sheila and a our young Miniature donkey Peter.

More than anything Moses loves lots of cuddles and attention. He likes playing with toys with his best friend Peter, old hessian sacks, rope toys and fallen branches from the old oak tree. He loves his food but his favourite has got to be carrots and apples. He doesn't like the rain or mud....but who blames him!