Below are some ailments, allergies and conditions treated successfully with Neem.

Barefoot horses – Pure neem oil is amazing for thrush. Sometimes we don’t notice over time that our horses hooves change shape,  the frog becomes narrower and the central sulcus closes up. This could be a sign of thrush. I have experimented for a long time now with neem and thrush, and can honestly say neem does work for this condition. I have poured and rubbed the pure cold pressed neem oil into the frog area, the grooves and the central sulcus area daily at the start and then every other day and so on and so on. The central sulcus area starts to widen, the frog expands and starts to look much healthier.

Sweetitch – Pure cold pressed neem oil is just amazing for soothing bad places where your horse has rubbed, it keeps the insects at bay whilst the bad places heal. It is so safe to use you can put it on the sore areas, as it will heal and sooth and keep the insects away. I part the mane and pour a few drops onto the skin and then massage in.  With the tail I rub into the top part and massage well, they love this! Once your horse has healed but still prone to midges I recommend applying it every other day as and when you think your horse needs it.In the summer I can go 3 -4 days before I have to re-apply the neem oil.

You can also emulsify the neem oil with a little natural washing up liquid, bubble bath or shampoo. You can then use this to sponge on all over the body. When I make it, I always make it quite strong so I can smell the neem oil. You can also put this mixture into a spray bottle as an insect repellent.

Open Wounds – I have used pure neem oil on open wounds with amazing results. Horses hate to have cuts and wounds washed out, so all you need is neem oil, as this will clean the infection, keep flies at bay, sooth and heal all at the same time. I have tried this several times now, and neem is a truly great healer!

Ticks – I’ve used the neem oil on individual ticks on my horses and dogs with fast results. However I did have a client who had moved one of her horses to another field and when she went to see her horse he was absolutely covered in ticks, all over his face. I’d never seen anything like this before. I suggested the neem oil, which she rubbed all over the face. The next day she went up tosee her horse and was truly amazed that the ticks had all gone. She actually wrote an artical for one of the horse magazines. Neem oil is so gentle on horses, but so powerful.

Rainscald – If your horse ever gets rainscald, I highly recommend neem oil and neem shampoo, both are amazing at clearing and healing this skin condition.

Mud Fever – When one of my horses had mud fever a few years ago I reached straight for the neem oil, this is always my first choice when dealing with my four legged friends. I detest all the chemical concoctions on the market, and know they can do more harm than good. I applied the neat neem oil directly onto the bad areas, this gave instant relief to my boy as neem is an anti-inflamatory and anti-viral. I applied this daily, eventually going to everyother day. After a few days the scabs would start to lift off, and we had beautiful clean flesh underneath. I don’t believe in washing down the legs as personally I think it does more harm.

Pin Worms, also known as threadworms. Pinworms are small white worms which live in the large intestine and around the anus. The females lay their yellow sticky eggs on the skin around the anus, causing irritation i.e. rubbing tail area on trees etc. rubbing tails can also be a sign of Sweetitch. Pinworms tend to lay their eggs at night, so best to apply neem oil evening time. Neem is soothing and has insecticidal properties.

Due to the overuse of chemical wormers, some worms are becoming resistant, one of these worms is the pinworm.,

Neem products are deemed safer to use medicinally than honey and all neem products can be used on us humans and our animal friends with similar conditions as well as being highly beneficial to gardeners for controlling pests in a natural and organic way.

Neem products are unique products in that they are not outright killers. Instead they alter the behaviour of life processes of insects in ways that can be extreamly subtle. Eventually however the insect can no longer feed, breed or metamorphose and can cause no further damage.

One of neems substance, Salannin, is so repugnant to insects it stops them from touching the plants they normally find the most delectable.

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The neem oil supplied, is cold pressed, organic and pharmaceutical grade.

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